The alternatives to the Tesla Model 3

Actually, to be blunt, there are no real alternatives to the just published #Model3, but you might want not to wait about 2 years for the delivery, so you might choose one of those e-cars in Europe…

Beware, all of them listed have (much) less then a 300km distance. The Hyundai seems to have the best complete package, the Kia is the cheapest and the BMW seems to have the best technic at least when you afford it), the Volkswagen seems to be reliable in case you still want to trust #VW?
The Renault Zoe is to small, the Opel isn’t a candidate as you are not able to currently order it. Or you might want to wait for the Nissan Leaf v3 announcement in about 4-6 weeks.
Your other choices…
The BMW i3

The Kia Soul EV

The Hyundai Ionic Elektro

The Volkswagen eGolf