Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive production ends

As different media announced already the last few weeks the production of the Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive B 250 will now be stopped within the next days.

The car never sold well – less then 4000 units since its introduction in 2013, the sales process started mid of 2014 – and was never more then an announcement actually, which should give Mercedes Benz a greener image.
Interestingly enough the cars powertrain was „Tesla powered“ – maybe also a reason why they did not want to sell it.
Currently you can get new offers around and even just below 30.000 Euro, but i would suggest that hold your fire for a car that a) reached its end of lifetime and b) realistically won’t let you drive much further then 150km (yes, yes, NEFZ „Neuer Europäischer Fahr Zyklus“ says 200km, bla, bla).

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